2015 is the year of the GOAT! Very fitting as this is the year we started Cowlitz River Caprines. We are Pygora™ goat ranchers. Pygoras™ are fiber goats and known for their beautiful fleeces, www.pba-pygora.org. We are excited about joining the Pygora™ and fiber communities.

We would like to thank Terri Kistler of Whistlekick Pygoras and Lisa Roskopf of Hawks Mountain Ranch for their kindness and generosity in helpling us by answering a multitude of questions……there will be more.

We are Dan and Maggy Graves, truck driver and oncology nurse by night, goat ranchers the rest of the time. We are located near Castle Rock, Washington and are registered breeders with the Pygora™ Breeders Association, our breeder number is 15-984. Our herd name is Cowlitz River.

Update:  June 2017.  We had a very successful kidding season with 4 does giving birth to a total of 6 kids, 2 sets of twins and 2 singles.  They are all beautiful little goats!  Kids are all healthy and active critters!  The boys can go as either bucklings or wethers, price is adjusted accordingly.  If you live a distance away, we are willing to travel to meet you half way up to 4 hours each way for us.  We can also help to facilitate other modes of transportation, the cost of which will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.  It would be nice to see our new bloodlines bringing joy and color to the rest of the country. 

We will also have fleece, yarn, and other goat-related products for sale in the future. We appreciate your support.  This last year we also added some dairy goats and anticipate having goat milk soap available for sale in the next year.  We will also plan to breed dairy goats and expect to have dairy kids available for sale next year. 

We currently have 4 Pygora bucks on site and they are available for outside breeding, here on our farm.  For fall of 2017 we plan to have Applebright Farm Sequoia, Quail Hollow Farms Dunkin' Donut, and Cowlitz River Filbert's Memory ready for the ladies. 

We love our goats! They have so much personality and their fleeces are yummy! Please keep checking back as our website changes and is updated.